Gold Jeopardy Bachelorette Party Game


Gold Jeopardy Bachelorette Party Game with Categories – Come up with fun questions and answers from the listed categories on top. Each questions will be worth different amount of money/points.
How to play as a team game? Split guests in teams and have a team pick the category and dollar amount. The host can read out the question. If they answer correctly within the given time, the team gets the money/points. Mark them off as you go through.
Tally up the score at the end. The team with the highest score wins the game!

A sample question sheet is included in this listing. Answers for ‘The Bride’ and ‘The Groom’ categories will need to be gathered from the couple. The answers for remaining categories comes with answers. For the “Wedding Word Scramble Category, write the scrambled word out for the player and give them 1 minute to unscramble it

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1) Printable (Download File) Bridal Shower – Jeopardy Bachelorette Game

File Format : not editable | Paper Size: 5×7″ (1 per page JPEG) & Card also comes in 8.5×11″ (2 per page PDF File) – Also includes size 8×10″ & 20″x16″ PDF